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Rambler (Russian: Рамблер) is a Russian search engine and one of the biggest Russian web portals. It is owned by the Rambler Media Group and Prof-Media since 2006. It was launched in 1996 by Stack Ltd, including Sergey Lysakov, Dmitry Kryukov, Vladimir Samoylov and others.


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Former Employee - Frontend Developer says

"May be asked to write an application for dismissal without any compensation."

Former Employee - IOS Developer says

"dying company, no one around"

Former Employee - Technical Writer says

"Poor management beginning w/ the top. Very poor and uncomfortable chairs company-wide. Many employees get a feeling they are useless. Hard to get a raise. Salaries are quite low. No bonuses for most employees. Management doesn't do anything w/ the problems people talk about"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Rambler is a worst case Phoenix scenario. It has been burning alive for many years, but it can not just die or reborn, it is too big for the first and its ever-changing management is too inert for the latter. You have a good chance to find yourself stuck in many of the brain-dead projects. If you are not good in playing games and choosing teams, you will have a hard time loving your job."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"weak skills of team, bad organized projects between departments"

Former Employee - Product Designer says

"The company's management does not think about employees at all. For example they make workers to attend office in Coronavirus time because they don't want to pay for empty space."

Former Employee - Head of Mobile says

"difficult communications and often changing managment"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"But the company's management (something higher than product managers) stubbornly holding back. The main problem was the lack of any understanding of the market, application area and information technology. This led to a payback of projects, to another rebuilding of processes even worse and mass dismissal ( escaping ) of the entire technical department."

Former Employee - Network Engineer says

"Management. Office party? No way!"

Software Developer says

"Management is stupid and always in fight, so company has no clear direction. Salaries are usually a bit lower then market average."

Ice Cream Server/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Working for this company was so much fun. All of my coworkers were amazing and the job itself was extremely fun and satisfying. However, my boss was very unprofessional and treated employees unfairly. This person would hire high school students and be very harsh to new employees that made small mistakes. This person would also complain about employees to their other employees. The job itself was incredible but the boss ruined everything good about it.Fun, flexible schedule, nice employeesBoss"

Kok (Former Employee) says

"ik heb daar wel heel wat bepaalde dingen bij geleerd bv; zelf en menukaart opstellen en nieuwe gerechten leren bereiden. ik vond het koken heel leuk en ook omdat ze me vaak de ruimte gaven omzelfstandig te werk te gaan na en uitleg. de poets vond ik wat minder zeker omdat het pas op het einde van de avond gebeurd. mijn baas was en toffe persoon alleen tjidens de Rush momenten haden we hier en daar wat woorden onderling door de stres.gratis eten tijdens de coupeweinig pauze tijdens de Rush"

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